Gazelle Valley

Opening hours

The park is open during daylight hours – which change throughout the year
The park is open every day of the week- including weekends  and holidays
 At this time of the year the  opening hours are 06:30-18:30
The park is closed during the night for the protection of the wildlife
 Entrance is always free of charge 

Park rules

Dogs and balloons are not allowed in the park. 
Lighting fire of any kind is forbidden. 
All plants and wildlife in the park are not to be harmed or disturbed. 
Please avoid littering. There are no trash  bins in the park, plaese take back all of your waste with you to main entrance. 
Touching or feeding the Gazelles is strictly prohibited.  


Public transportation: buses 6, 9, 17, 19, 42, 490, 77a to Pat/Hertzog bus stops. Bus stop numbers: 1525, 2008 or 1586
parking: the park has a parking lot that accommdates up to 40 vehicles. During weekends and holidays when the parking lot is usually full, it is possible to park in the neighboring streets. we also recommend parking at Malcha Mall or Tedi, and come by bus. 

Gazelle Valley - urban nature park

Learn more about our story here

?what is there to see in the park

A herd of mountain gazelles, living in their natural habitat: Our main goal is to maintain a breeding population of gazelles in the park, in order to reintroduce members of this endangered species to the wild. Learn more about the gazelles here
A functioning ecosystem, thriving within the city: Over 500 species of plant life, many of which were reintroduced in an effort  to recreate the original flora which existed in the mountains of Jerusalem prior to the 20th century. The park is  home to many species of arthropods, reptiles, amphibians and . small mammals. Learn more about our ecosystem here 
An exceptional variety of migratory and resident birds: the ponds and rich plantlife provide both a habitat and a nesting site for hundreds of local birds, and an important resting stop for thousands of migratory birds a year. The number of bird species spotted in the park is over 170

Picnic spots and outdoor classrooms

The park is abundant with shaded picnic spots and benches, some of which can fit as many as 40 people, these are suitable for various gatherings and extended family events. 
Picnics are very much allowed, however, it is crucial for the survival of the gazelles that no plastic waste or food is left behind, these can create a possibly fatal health hazard for them and for many other wild animals, in the park as well as in any other nature site.   

Our water circulation system

 Four ponds of various sizes, provide hydration and habitation for the local wildlife. The main lake, located near the entrance, is home for numerous species, including coots, moorhens, small grebes and the rare Ferruginous duck. The other ponds host a large population of the levant water frog, which is the main food source for the local kingfishers. 
All of our water supply  is constantly circulated through the park. After the rainfall is collected in the lake, the water is pumped back upstream, and flows again through the valley. The water is ecologically cleansed and is not hazardous, however, drinking from  it or entering the ponds is not allowed    


The Greek Tortoise Shelter 

Gazelle Valley park operates a shelter for greek tortoises. 
Visitors are welcome the see the tortoises, but are requested to avoid feeding them and not to try to enter the shelter. These tortoises were taken from the wild and kept as illegal  pets. As a result, most of them lost their ability for independent survival in the wild. Wild animals belong in the wild, keeping them as pets is harmful for both them and nature. If you are keeping a tortoise which was taken from the wild, you are welcome the hand it over to us. We take in new tortoises between the hours 09:00-17:00 from Sunday to Thursday.   
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