Our Story

 Gazelle Valley is  the biggest urban nature site in Israel. It is the best place to watch the mountain gazelles  species in their natural habitat. About 65 members of this endangered species are living in the park, leading a mostly natural lifestyle. Like in the wild, the gazelles  find food on their own, breed, raise their young, and fight over territory. Alongside the gazelles the park is home to dozens of species of birds, reptiles, insects, and plants, compiling a functioning urban ecosystem  

This valley was once a home to a herd of over 33 wild  gazelles. In the year 1993 their passage to the mountains surrounding  Jerusalem was blocked by a new highway, and those gazelles were trapped in the valley. In the following years the herd gradually disappeared due to the threats of feral dogs, jackals and even humans, who chased the gazelles to the highway, where most of lost their lives. A decade later, the area was designated to become a luxurious housing project, and the gazelle's fate seemed doomed

  Luckily for them, their human neighbors came to their aid. For more than 12 years the inhabitants of the neighboring streets fought to save the valley,and in the year 2015 Gazelle Valley Park was established

 Gazelle valley is accessible for wheelchairs and strollers, and you can reach the park with both private and public transportation    

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Gazelle valley is a publicly run site, with no entry fees. The place is open year round, during all daylight hours
During national and Jewish holidays, the park offers free tours and activities. For a group guided tour you are welcome to hire any private tour guide of your choice

Our herd of gazelles

The years of being trapped in the valley, before the park was established to protect them, did not come without a cost. Most fawns born in those years were eaten by stray , dogs and city-dwelling jackals, and those who survived to adulthood, were likely to be killed in the traffic of the nearby highway. At the time when the park was finally established, there were only 3 surviving gazelles

In the first two years of the park's existence the several additional gazelles, who  were rescued from illegal captivity, were introduced to the park.However, since 2017 the herd is growing independently, the last breeding season, starting in the spring of 2019, yielded 13 new fawns, and the herd reached the unprecedented  amount of 47 gazelles




Alongside the gazelles you may find

A variety of wildflowers blooming in their respective seasons 
A large birdwatching hide
A large pond which attracts many kinds of wildlife
Endangered animals such as the the ferruginous duck and the greek tortoise
Picnic spots in the shade  

Gazelle Valley is a social hub in which everyone are welcome

Volunteers of all ages and backgrounds, helping regularly to keep park in top shape
Holiday activities for families
 Guides operating in the park every weekend 
A center for education about our nature in Israel and conservation of species worldwide  
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צילום: עמיר בלבן
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