Our Ecosystem

Endangered species

The Gazelle valley has several species of fauna and flora  which are considered Endangered in Israel. The most prominent are of course the gazelles, but our ponds hosts a breeding population of the rare Ferruginous duck. 

The beautiful white nenuphar water lily which has nearly went extinct in israel due to water pollution and thrives in our various ponds.     

In early 2019 we launched a new conservation project for the greek tortoise, in which locals who illigally kept wild tortoises as pets voluntarily hand them to our tortoise shleter.

צילום: עמיר בלבן
צילום: עמיר בלבן

Water birds

Naturally, the ponds in the park attract many water birds, both migratory and resident, some of which were never seen in jerusalem before.

In the smaller ponds White Throated Kingfisher and . the Eurasian Moorhen can be found all year long, and the main   lake is a home to Coots, Little Grebes and Spur Winged Lapwings.  

During winter, our main lake hosts some wintering birds such as the Common Teal, Northern Shoveler , Bluethroat, and the Common Kingfisher. 

butterflies and other insects

Insects are the mostvital part of every ecosystem. in the gazelle valley you would be able to find various species of butterflies, beetles, bees and dragonflies.

צילום: דודו בן אור
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